The NGLGCSA was formed in 1981. Charter Members included John Beck, Rich Victorson, Tom Heid, John Netwal and Matt Wisniewski. According to NGLGCSA records, the Annual Grounds Crew Invitational Tournament dates back to 1975.

John Beck served as the first President from 1981 through 1983, as charter members reached out to fellow Superintendents with the intent of gaining local interest.

Tom Heid, President,1984-1985, noted for an emphasis on professional education.

Keith Kaiser, President in 1986-1987. Membership ranks increased to over 30 members.

John Netwal, President 1988 to 1990. The first NGLGCSA Turf Symposium was held in 1989. NGLGCSA obtained incorporated status


Dean Musbach, President 1991 to 1993. Elevated the credibility of the NGLGCSA with research contributions to the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association, the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation, the GCSAA Robert Trent Jones Endowment Fund, the USGA Greens Section and the NGLGCSA Research Fund. Membership stood at 87 members.

Dan Barrett, President 1994 to 1995, championed a member volunteer research initiative exploring opportunities for future on-site UW turf research, through the construction of a “push-up” putting green.

Ken Smith, President 1996 and 1997. The NGLGCSA became officially affiliated with the GCSAA in May of 1997.

Jeff Ruesch, President 1998. Developed GCSAA conforming association by-law requirements.

Mike Jaeger, President 1999 and 2000. Adopted the GCSAA Professional Development Initiative. Beth Stran replaced Mary Raith as the NGLGCSA Executive Secretary.

Ken Velpel, President 2001 to 2003. The organization increased research funding, started an educational scholarship award, and formed a member medical expense relief contingency fund. Membership numbers increased to 104.

Steve Spears, President, 2004 and 2005. Strengthened NGLGCSA / GCSAA relationship through a renewed Affiliation Agreement in 2008.

Jay Pritzl, President, 2006. Partnered with the Wee One Foundation, helping to assist golf course professionals undergoing medical hardship.

Glen Rochester, President 2007 to 2010. Implementation of the NGL web site achieving enhanced membership connectivity, administrative inefficiencies, and increased revenues.

Daniel Belland, President 2011. initiated a year-long membership recruitment drive. Focus on strong GCSAA chapter delegate relationship

Randy Swonger , President 2012. Sound organizational balance sheet concentration. Advanced recruitment and promoted energetic mentor-ship of youthful board of director members.

Kevin Henriksen, President 2013 to present.